11 Exciting Super Foods to Achieve Your Body Goals


If you have ever ventured into the habits of healthy eating, you will most likely have heard of kale. Kale is a widely known super food that has a plethora of benefits and help stimulate both mind and body. Kale has zero fat, is low in calories and has lots of fiber to help with your everyday digestion. Kale is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals which almost have too many beneficial effects to count. It works great as a bedding to any salad or as a filler to add more body to your meal. 


This is an all-time favorite, great if you are trying to get the kids to adopt healthy habits. Broccoli is a powerful antioxidant and can improve bone and heart health. It is famous for reducing cholesterol and will help those with chronic cholesterol issues. Also, it is a powerful diet aid that can be added to a dish to discourage overeating. 


This wonderful little hero seed first came to light with the Inca warriors who believed it was the main source of their strength and stamina - they weren’t wrong. Firstly, it is a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids along with lysine to promote muscle growth and repair. Secondly, quinoa contains iron, magnesium, and Riboflavin. Iron for healthy red blood cells, magnesium to help regulate energy production, body temperature, blood sugar, bone development and nerve activity, and Riboflavin to improve energy metabolism. 

Dark Chocolate

This is not to say you can binge all you like, but dark chocolate in moderation can significantly help your body. Dark chocolate is known to improve cardiovascular health, skin health, increase blood flow to the brain, act as a powerful antioxidant and is packed with nutrients. Of course, there is also the fact it tastes great! Be careful not to over-eat dark chocolate as it is still high in calories. 


Walnuts increase your levels of melatonin which helps induce sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, adding half a cup of walnuts to your daily diet will improve your quality of sleep. It is even known to improve male fertility by increasing sperm quality. Walnuts also help prevent both prostate and breast cancer, increasing your chances of a longer and cancer-free life. 


The popularity of avocados has boomed over the last 10 or so years making the must have ingredient for every health nut looking for a treat. Not only are avocados delicious, they are beneficial to eye health, make you feel full for longer and can be a great addition to a low cholesterol food plan. 


A great flavor to improve any number of tasty dishes. Garlic is not only used for its flavor but it leaves a beneficial impression on your body as well. It can fight off your common illnesses like coughs and chest infections and keep you healthy for longer. For thousands of years garlic has been used for its medicinal properties but it has now been proven to enhance athletic performance, fight off dementia, reduce the risk of impotence and regulate blood sugar. 


A great source of Omega-3 which promotes healthy brain function, reducing the risk of depression and increased cognitive activity. Also, Its high protein and amino acid content help the development and maintenance of muscle mass, perfect for anyone looking to improve their figure. 


Like kale, spinach is absolutely packed from top to bottom with a whole host of beneficial properties for your health. It’s low in fat, low in cholesterol and incredibly versatile when preparing your food. An added bonus is that spinach is great for your mental health when you are looking for clarity and to remain disciplined. 


A banana a day keeps the doctor away. Well...not always, but they are very low in calories and filled with valuable nutrition. With less than 100 calories (average sized banana), this tasty treat is a great way for you to stave off those snack cravings while refueling the body.  


First, let’s crack the cholesterol myth. Yes, eggs are high in cholesterol, however, they do not negatively affect blood cholesterol. This means that you can eat more that your fair share of eggs without having to ditch the yolk. Secondly, eggs possess all the essential amino acids in the ideal quantities which helps build and maintain muscle and overall body repair.