Privacy Policy feels strongly that our users should know exactly what data they provide and how we use that data to improve our services.

User Information does not require any personal information from users of our services. Any information we collect cannot be used to specifically and directly identify you. The information we collect is primarily used to optimize and improve our services, as well as to maintain

The Information We Collect

  • Device - What device you are using to access our services.
  • Search Queries - What you are looking for and how you are using our services.
  • IP Address
  • Browser Information - Which internet browser you are using to access our services.
  • Location - Where you are while accessing our services.

How we use information

We use information to constantly improve and adapt our services to provide a better overall user experience. The is means one journey may differ from the next as we intend to tailor each experience to best suit our users.

This information is used specifically to maintain our website and provide the necessary traffic information to our advertisers to ensure they are adequately rewarded.