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but sometimes suffers from the lack of face to face advice you can get from a travel agent. Types of travel With foreign travel to hotels and resorts having been commonplace for so long, many intrepid travelers are looking for Read more »

Travel Money

Travel Money The countdown is on, and that trip you have been looking forward to all year is nearly here. But have you considered where you are going to get your travel money from? You should - because whilst foreign exchange Read more »

Travel Insurance

added security while traveling with work. What is travel insurance? Travel insurance is an insurance policy intended to cover any travel mishaps that could end up costing you money out of your pocket.  What does travel insurance cover? Travel insurance Read more »

Travel Insurance

your luggage if it’s lost or stolen. Which is the right policy for me? Before you take out your travel insurance, think about your travel plans for the year and who you are travelling with. If you are planning Read more »

Senior Travel Insurance

and what better way to spend your retirement than seeing the world? Travel insurance is essential if you plan to travel, and once you get older there are some extra consideration when purchasing it. Why is senior travel insurance different Read more »


plenty of affordable inspiration. What steps should I take to get organised? Sign up for emails and newsletters from interesting travel companies. Even if you don’t plan to book through a travel company it’s still worth signing up Read more »

Universal Tickets

Universal Tickets Whether you are planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando, we recommend you go through the same planning process to find the best deal for your vacation. Your starting point should always be to decide Read more »

UK Vacations

of outstanding national beauty in Scotland Any other tips? If you don’t want to take a train for your travels around the UK, use Google maps to calculate routes and driving distances. That way you’ll know if you Read more »

Truck Rental

Truck Rental Why hire a truck Hiring a truck can be the easy solution to many problems – from heavy-duty lifting to moving house, or even moving people. There’s a wide range of shapes and sizes available - meaning whatever Read more »

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