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The 5 Safest Countries You Should Visit On Your Next Holiday

ranks 163 countries according to their level of peacefulness, these five countries came out on top! If safe, anxiety-free travel is what you’re after, it’s time to book your flight and get yourself to one of these Read more »

Love Travelling? These Jobs Pay You To See The World

Writer If it’s in the job title, then you know you’ll be doing a whole lot of travelling! Travel writers visit new places, experience new things, and travel all around the world in order to bring back stories Read more »

Feel Bad For Stealing Hotel Soap?

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives, but we do it thinking we're slick and sly about it all. It’s not until you get home, you feel bad and guilty, you might even consider Read more »

Do You Really Need To Buy Travel Insurance?

luggage, you’ll need to know when it’s wise to pay a little extra.  Does everyone need to buy travel insurance?  In short, no! Travel insurance typically covers things like lost luggage, medical emergencies, or even trip cancellations.  So Read more »

Airline Lost Your Baggage? Here’s What To Do

The amount of mishaps that could possibly happen during your travels is more than anyone cares to admit. From missing your flight to packing way over the weight limit, handling the awful ordeals that we are all faced with before Read more »

8 Gadgets Ideal for Traveling

not be the same as holding a real book, but at least you get to read with ease when you travel. Tile Mate No one ever wants to be the unfortunate soul who actually loses their belongings while traveling abroad Read more »


can be more convenient, but sometimes suffers from the lack of face to face advice you can get from a travel agent. Types of travel With foreign travel to hotels and resorts having been commonplace for so long, many intrepid Read more »

Why Should You Consider Kos Holiday Packages for Your Next Trip?

1. THE COMMUNITY Take pleasure in unlimited walks in the main community and observe the island's history via its monuments dating from antiquity, the Byzantine duration, Ottoman and Italian rule, as well as the moment when it acted as Read more »

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