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Senior Cell Phone Plans

Senior Cell Phone Plans In a short space of time, cell phones have gone from being a gadget for the wealthy, a business tool to an everyday necessity for Americans everywhere. With young children learning to use there parents smart Read more »

Satellite TV Dish

​TV Satellite Dish A satellite dish, as you might have guessed from the name, picks up on radio signals bounced around by satellites orbiting Earth. There are thousands of satellite channels available, some which are free to watch and Read more »

Satellite Phone Service Providers

Satellite Phone Service Providers A satellite phone is not something for everyday use, but in emergency situations such as a flood or an earthquake, it’s vital. Basically, it bypasses local cellular networks and uses a network of satellites that Read more »

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Satellite internet means internet access that’s gained via communication satellites orbiting the earth, rather than via conventional connections on the ground. As long as you have a clear view of the southern sky and don’t have Read more »

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Renewable energy is hugely important, as it comes from natural sources that will always be around. It reduces our dependence on ‘fossil fuels’ like oil that not only pollute our planet but will one day run out. Here Read more »

Prepaid Cell Phones

Everything you need to know about prepaid cell phones What are prepaid cell phones? Many people have a contract with their phone provider, and there is no limit on their monthly phone and data usage other than a credit limit Read more »

Portable Generators

Portable Generators In the face of recent major storms like Jonas, many people are looking to buy portable generators so they are prepared for any interruptions to normal power sources. Standby generators offer more power, but portable generators are significantly Read more »


Phone Service Providers There are lots of service providers for cell phones (or wireless phones) in the US, ranging from big to small. The national carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are known as the Big Four and Read more »

Payroll Software

Payroll Software Payroll software is technology that aims to streamline and automate the process of paying a company’s employees. It can be purchased from a human resources technology provider as standalone software, or included in a larger resource planning Read more »

Online Trading Platforms

​Online Trading Platforms Essentially, an online trading platform is a piece of software that allows you to be a stockbroker. There are many online companies offering this service. When you buy or sell stocks, bonds, currencies or commodities, your Read more »

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